Legacy Support…

As former senior members and associates of Liberty Airport Systems, the staff at Empower pride themselves on their depth of knowledge and ability to service and support legacy equipment extending it’s useful life well into the future.

The use of off-the-shelf hardware and software as a published design goal by Liberty to protect airports from unforeseen supplier changes allows us to continue to leverage our business relationships to provide the same high quality OEM components.

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Site Test & Inspection Service…

To ensure maximum airfield safety and reliability, proper equipment maintenance is critical. To help operate at peak performance and within allowable specifications, Empower’s Test & Inspection Service provides a comprehensive assessment of all installed airfield lighting power and control equipment.

Empower’s team specializes in identifying and resolving potential issues before they have an opportunity to negatively airport operations.

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Service Level Agreements(SLA) and On-Call Support…

Trusted by numerous airports across North America for our responsive technical expertise, Empower offers a wide range of support options catering to airports of all sizes.

Whether setup on an annual contract agreement or on an as-needed basis, remote and site-based service & support options allow airports to maximize their safety and performance while minimizing the impact on operations.

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